Rolled Batt Insulation

Insulation plays a major role in determining the comfort and energy performance of a home. However, many of today’s homes (even new homes) are poorly or insufficiently insulated. Poor installation and inefficient placement of only 5% of rolled batt insulation can cut an attic’s overall R-value in half. Therefore the purpose of having insulation in the first place is diminished significantly.

Rolled batt is one of the biggest culprits in attic leakage due to improper installation.  There must be direct contact between the rolled batt insulation and the surface that divides the conditioned livable space from the unconditioned space (usually drywall).

This is precisely why having a knowledgeable, experienced insulation contractor is imperative if you want a quality, well-functioning home with even temperatures throughout. We conduct all insulation installations in-house to ensure that this critical building component is up to our rigorous standards.

Rolled batt insulation is primarily fiberglass, and is very effective if installed properly.  As a company we have been insulating homes with fiberglass batt since 2010. We have helped to create more comfortable and efficient homes for our clients .  In conclusion, it is very important to properly insulate your home, regardless of the type of insulation you choose, so call a qualified contractor today!