Existing & New Home Audits 
As part of our SRP
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, we offer a complete energy audit. This is a  $500 upfront value that can lead to saving thousands!

Detailed report and review of the best options for your home
Following the audit, we will return to present your Home Performance report and discuss energy-saving opportunities that offer you the best return on your investment. You can decide which improvements to make (if any).  We make clear how quickly you can start saving.

Project Coordination should you decide to take advantage of rebates and move forward
If you decide to go ahead with the improvements, we can perform the work and ensure you receive available rebates and financing offers that can help offset the costs. Some measures may even qualify for federal tax credits.

Plan on doing some Remodeling?  You could qualify for Rebates for work you are already planning on doing.  Ask us how!  Also, getting an energy assessment and evaluation by one of our experienced building analysts may be helpful in helping to guide some of your decisions.


New Construction & Building Code Compliance – we can also help you build a project energy model. Using the planned design and planned material, we come up with an anticipated energy usage. This will allow us to give you suggestions on how to improve the efficiency before you ever start to build.  After the construction completion or on existing buildings we can provide field verification.

Projected Ratings – Starting with the plans, we can look at the how the home is designed. Analyze the building materials and mechanical being used. Then we come up with the energy efficiency of the project and compare to code and energy star. This can be used to make sure you are on the right track or to make energy efficiency improvements, before you even start the project.

Mid-Construction walk through – Using Energy Star thermal bypass checklist, we inspect the home after insulation, but before drywall.  We look for air barrier issues, which could lead to energy inefficiencies and home owner comfort issues. Confirmed Ratings – After the project is complete, we bring in all of our equipment and verify the results. This includes blower door testing for home air leakage and duct blaster testing for HVAC air leakage. With data and the window and HVAC information, we create your energy star certificate. We would also assist you with any available tax credit information.


Energy Inspection

A visual inspection of common construction areas where homes are losing energy

External Visual Inspection

  •     Home orientation analysis
  •     Window diagnosis
  •     Shading analysis

Attic Inspection

  •     Investigation of current insulation
  •     Air flow analysis

Detailed Internal Inspection

  •     Visual air leakage inspection
  •     Safety evaluation
  •     Life style recommendations for energy savings
  •     Find areas of air leakage not visible to the eye
  •     Inspect duct work for leakage
  •     Quantify the amount of leakage with image of heat penetration
  •     Thermal image pictures to aid in repair/upgrade

Blower Door Test

  •     Complete pressure test of home structure
  •     Calibrated and detailed leakage test

CO and Gas Leak Testing

Duct Blaster Test

  •     Quantified percentage leakage of duct system

Energy Star Energy Audit (EEM and EIM compatible)

Everything in the Energy Inspection and Thermal Image Energy Audit, Plus:

Energy Star Rating of the Home

We are also HERS certified.  So we can help you get that new home built efficient from the very start and perform all the test need to get it Energy Star Certified.   See our Builder Section for more detail. Any combination of these audits are available to meet your goals!