Are There Building Code Approvals?

The product was evaluated by the Canadian Construction Materials Center of The National Research Council's, (NRC), and Institute for Research in Construction. Health and Welfare Canada examined the NRC emissions tests. The Ontario Ministry of Housing, Materials Evaluation Commission evaluated it and the Council of American Building Officials National Evaluation Service also evaluated it.

Icynene® complies with the BOCA, SBCCI and the ICBO Uniform Building Codes. It has been evaluated by the Council of American Building Officials National Evaluation Service and has been the subject of research projects by the NAHB Research Center. Health problem concerns associated with other building products in recent years such as asbestos, urea formaldehyde and glass fibers, dictate the ground rules for acceptance of new building materials. The Icynene® product became, to the best of our knowledge, the most extensively tested insulation material on the market today. The testing included the most sensitive emissions tests developed to date, tests that few other building materials have ever been through.

How Long Does it Take to Cure?

The foam is created in seconds after spraying. You can watch it expand within seconds to 100 times its original volume, literally before your eyes. It completely cures within a few minutes.

Does the Foam Absorb Water?

No, it looks like a sponge but it is actually hydrophobic, i.e., it repels water. If placed in water it will float and on removal it will dry rapidly and loose none of its insulating properties.

Does the Foam Change Physically Over Time?

No, it is inert. Its physical and insulating properties are constant.

Any Worries Environmentally?

No, the product is environmentally safe.

Is the Insulation Corrosive to Metals?

No, Icynene® Insulation is non-corrosive. It is neutral, neither acidic nor alkaline.