Remodel Arizona Home

When looking to remodel your home, you should always start with the basics. Sit down and write a wish list and a budget. From there you can start putting a plan together.  When considering a list of potential projects for a remodel, there are often obvious choices, like the kitchen or bathrooms. These are both great options because they have a higher return value at the time of sale than most other projects. Interested in how different remodel projects stack up? Check out this list that shows the cost vs. value relationship of different home improvements to help you make informed decisions.



As you can see it is clear that insulation is a great value for the cost. I won’t bore you with the details as to how the relationship is so beneficial, but essentially because of energy efficiency and resale, the cost of installation is less than that of what you could gain. Understanding that concept makes upgrading your insulation an automatic response to anyone remodeling their house. Check out more blogs about energy efficiency for your home, and how we can help here.