Official Merger with Indigo Spray Foam

Southwest InSEALators, LLC formally acquired Emerald Building Group LCC (doing business as Indigo Spray Foam).  “It gives us the ability to serve our customers immediately,” said Albert Huss. “With the extra equipment we acquired we are now more responsive and have the ability to do today what we might have needed to push off for a week.”

The two companies began their relationship as friendly competitors; even partnering on some jobs and helping each other complete work. “We had a good enough relationship that when we would get overloaded we would call them and they would charge us a flat fee and install a job for us and vice versa,” said Huss. “If they got behind, or had a rig go down then we would go spray their job for them.”

Southwest InSEALators was looking to grow their business at the same time Indigo Spray Foam Insulation’s owner was looking to sell. The combined companies will continue to provide the same outstanding level of quality and support that customers have come to expect.

The official acquisition took place on November 28, 2017 and all contracts currently signed by Indigo Spray Foam were officially transferred over to Southwest InSEALators, Inc. with all liability and insurance requirements to be covered by Southwest InSEALators.

Southwest InSEALators does as much as 80% of it business in the Phoenix valley but will travel to any community in Arizona. “The additional equipment from the merger gives us the ability to effectively expand to new territories,” said Huss.  “I think the combination of fiberglass price increases, and the tighter energy building codes are all leading to spray foam being much more of an industry standard both residentially and commercially. We are looking for our business to continue to grow.”

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation offers a complete air barrier to the building envelope, resulting in 30% or greater energy efficiency over conventional products. Spray foam insulation is the most advanced, energy efficient and environmentally friendly insulation product available.