What’s an Energy Rating?

To many people, a home energy audit (also called an energy assessment) and an energy rating sound pretty much like the same thing but they’re not. An energy rating provides a comparative analysis on how energy efficient your home is when compared to other similar homes.

An energy rating will generate a HERS Index score for your home, based upon its energy performance. The Home Energy Rating System or HERS was developed by RESNET and is the nationally recognized system for calculating how energy efficient a home is. The lower the HERS Index score, the more energy efficient the home.  There are two types of ratings:

  • Projected ratings – Ratings performed prior to the construction of a home or prior to the installation of energy improvements to an existing home.
  • Confirmed ratings – Ratings completed using data gathered from an on-site inspection, which could include performance testing of the home

Why is an Energy Rating Important?

  • It helps you understand how energy efficient your home is when compared to others
  • Gives you a projected idea of the energy costs of your home

An energy rating is a recognized tool in the mortgage industry and can make you eligible for an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM)

What’s an Energy Audit?

The purpose of a home energy assessment, also known as a survey or energy audit, is to pinpoint where and how a home is losing energy, which systems are working inefficiently and what cost effective measures can be put in place to rectify the situation.  The $99 Energy Audit Arizona Going Green offers makes you eligible for rebates with APS & SRP.

(Source: Residential Energy Services Network,(www.resnet.us)